Saturday, November 17, 2012

8 Reasons why you Should Drink Less Coffee and More Tea

Much ink has been spilled regarding the health benefits of tea. Studies are divided – a few have proclaimed tea to have almost magical healing properties while others have cast doubt on the actual extent of its health benefits.

While there is no such thing as a free lunch, tea is without doubt safer than most other beverages – think coffee (the daily culprit), soft drinks (duh) and alcohol (double duh). There is no doubt that tea will do your body less harm than any other beverage you’re likely to be drinking. 

If you are one of those people who have been at the receiving end of some coffee-induced indigestion or a desire to lie awake at night and lie in bed in the morning (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), consider switching to tea. It combines the benefits of coffee with the benefits of…well, Tea!

So in the true spirit of tea drinking, let's drink to a few ways in which this simple beverage can help your health:

1. It’s completely natural
Tea is as natural as your own body. It is part of nature. Moreover, a hot cup of tea contains no added preservatives, flavoring and coloring - a natural beverage at its best.

2. Less metabolism, less fat

Ever wondered why you get fat after a week of Christmas binging, while your cousin stays the same while gorging more than you? The answer might lie in that strange concept called metabolism – a concept by which the person who eats from McDonalds every day might not increase his stomach lining by an inch, but you might increase it by two if you have an ice-cream sundae once a month.
Green tea is known to increase your metabolism rate, which essentially means that you burn fat faster. 

3. Look ma, no calories!

Tea contains absolutely no calories. Need we say anything more?

4. Stay young: You’re worth it

Tea contains antioxidants, which help control the effects of aging. While not exactly an elixir of youth, tea is almost certainly a better friend of your skin (and your anti-aging cream) than coffee.

5. Tea is good for you, make no bones about it

Tea is also said to strengthen the bones. And if you prefer milk in your tea, your bones are in for a double treat – for milk contains calcium that is also beneficial to the bones.

6. Service with a smile: Keep plaque off your plate

You can start your day with a smile when you drink tea. For tea contains tannins and fluoride that help prevent plaque and are good for your teeth.

7. Less Caffeine

Tea contains 2-3 times less caffeine than the same quantity of coffee. Think about that the next time you’re at Starbucks.

8. Tea is not addictive

At least not as addictive as coffee. After all, when was the last time you heard a little voice in your head that ordered you to go and get that 13th cup of tea for the day?

Have your tea and drink it too

Research about the broader health benefits of tea – its anti-cancer properties for example – is still ongoing and the matter remains in active debate in the medical community. However, what is certain is that tea, when consumed in a limited (read: non-addictive non-coffee-type) fashion, can have great advantages for the human body compared to most other drinks. 

On the other hand, as with every other eatable (and drinkable) in the world, over-consumption of tea will harm your body, although it will be nowhere near the amount of harm that over-consuming coffee will inflict. 

So the next time you order your 4th cup of coffee, stop and think for a minute– coffee might give you a momentary phase of alertness and might be “cool” to drink, but tea is better, more beneficial, more natural, and your body loves it. Which one would you choose?

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